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Barclays Pays Female Investment Bankers Half That of Male Peers

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The gender pay gap widens to 79 percent for discretionary bonuses paid to employees at its international unit, which houses the corporate and investment bank, said the London-based company, the first major bank with British operations to disclose such data. 

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UPS Partners With Workhorse to Build Electric Delivery Vans

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United Parcel Service Inc. said on Thursday it is partnering with truck maker Workhorse Group Inc. to build electric delivery vans that could replace tens of thousands of vehicles in the package delivery company’s fleet.The two companies said the first 50 vans will have a…

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Bitcoin Faces Obstacle as France Clamps Down on Derivatives

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France’s top markets regulator is getting tough on cryptocurrency trading.The Autorite des Marches Financiers said on Thursday that online trading platforms for cryptocurrency derivatives fall under the European Union’s MiFID II regulations and face tough new reporting and…

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Used Air Compressors

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Used Air Compressors: The Best Places to Find a Great Deal
Buying a used air compressor is a lot like buying a used car. Air compressors can be as expensive as cars, and it's tempting to try and get the best deal possible by buying a used machine. Unlike cars, though, the market for used air compressors is not as big. The technology for air compressors has not changed much in the last decade, and air compressors last between 10 and 30 years depending on quality. Business owners often invest in a new compressor and hang onto it until it completely dies, or they will lease or rent one, or more, from rental companies at a cheaper price. If you are looking to save money, however, and the thought of buying a used air compressor appeals to you, there are a variety of places that you can turn to for a deal.

First, you can buy used air compressors directly from the manufacturer. Buying a piece of used equipment from the manufacturer is more reassuring because it's more likely that the information that they provide you will be accurate. They, at least, are likely to know about their own products. Terms and conditions vary, but in some cases, purchases may come with different warranties or guarantees. Unfortunately, your purchases are limited to the specific brands the manufacturer produces, as well as the price of that specific brand. Your ability to compare prices is greatly reduced. Unless you are looking for an air compressor made by a specific manufacturer, this may not be your best source for a great deal.

You can also buy used air compressors from companies that specialize in air compressors specifically. Some of these companies have been in business for years, are knowledgeable about the products they sell, and may even have maintenance guarantees and toll free numbers for assistance. These companies also provide more search options, so you can find used air compressors by a variety of manufacturers at a variety of prices.

Finally, you can buy used air compressors either from auction sites on the Internet or from bargain companies that may specialize in a variety of different products. You can also buy from individual owners. These purchases often entail very few, if any, guarantees. In order to make a wise decision, you have to be self-educated about used air compressors and know exactly what you're looking for. While this route involves the most potential pitfalls, it is also a way to find the best deals. Assessing your needs and knowledge about air compressors will help you decided which route is the best for you to take in purchasing a used air compressor.

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