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About Air Supply Filters

What is Air Supply Filters?

Air Supply Filters is the leading edge in industrial equipment supply. No more time wasting, everything you need in place with real pricing. You don’t need some quote and you surely don’t need to have another site visit. What we believe strongly in is this, The less time you deal with sales people the more time you have to deal with all the other headaches.

Our Vision

Is to harness the power of technology and leverage it to provide our customers the best price we can. We are constantly adding products and expanding to meet our customers issues.

The team

We have assembled a who’s who of industrial experts for our products. Rest assured that my team members will help, if you have a question or need help using one of our tools or if you really want to chat, we are here.

No Sales tax

That’s right, no sales tax period!

No matter where you are

It does not matter if you are in Canada, Alaska or you pick, we can help meet your plants needs. The local company you are dealing with is ordering from the same companies we are. So why pay more?

OEm brands and aftermarket

We proudly sell all major oem brand compressor parts and lubricnts as well as aftermarket soultions. That being said the oem brands do not make their own parts, they buy them from secondary channels. In other words they buy the same filters as we do from the same companies as we do, we just charge less.

Still have questions?

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